Nothing happens in life without time.

What you give your time to is what becomes of you.

There is no time for anything except what you create it for.

Really, time equals everything. Dan.2:16

You determine where your time goes by deciding what you do with it.

Time defines your limit.

Where your time is heading determines where your energy goes.

There is nothing you don’t have time for, you just decided not to create it.

If you give time to meaningful things, unmeaningful thing won’t get your attention.

You need time to fight, time to respond to abuses e.t.c

Direct your energy and no one will succeed in diverting your energy.

You need time to pray. Act.6:4

Everything is calling for your time but you can define where you want it to go.

What becomes of you is the outcome of what you give yourself to.

Carefully examine what you are giving yourself to. Act.6:4,7

For the disciples, what they did in v.7 is the product of what they gave themselves to in. v.4

Daily Devotional


That which I see not teach Thou me…

Job 34:32

The purpose of knowledge is improvement and perfection.

It is those who think they know enough that pride themselves.

Those who actually know usually seek to know more.

There is what you know and there is what you ought to know. 1 Corinthians 8:1, 2

What you ought to know that you are yet to know is what makes you incomplete.

Jesus said to the rich man, “If you’ll be perfect, one more thing remains.”

Job acknowledged, “That which I know not, teach Thou me.”

Paul cried out, “That I may know Him!” Philippians 3:10.

One would wonder, “What more does Paul want to know, having known so much?” Yet he cried to know more.

God responds only to panting, hungry hearts.

Are you panting after God?

What you know is already stale, if you don’t seek to know more, what you know now will lead to your stalement.

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