What God seeks for in man is a heart not a head.

You may be a leader by position and without a heart for God.

God will go all the way, to anywhere and at any length to look for one with a heart for Him. II Chr.16:9; II Sam.16:7

Daniel’s heart for God made God to pursue Daniel to Lion’s den.

It also made Him follow the 3 Hebrew boys into the fiery burning fire.

It made him go ahead of David to push down and killed Goliath.

It made Him to kill Haman on His gallow to avert destruction of either  and other Jews.

God will seek for his lovers anywhere they may be at any time.

Pursue Him with your love and He will pursue you with His love.

Be more conscious of your heart before God than your title and position among men.

Daily Devotional

POWER OF ATTITUDE | Today: 2017-07-23

Man’s attitude defines His ratings.

It determines His placement, your attitude attracts or repels people from you, your attitude is your real representation.

You cannot subdue it, it will naturally reveal who you are.

Change your attitude to change your altitude.

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