One major factor required for developing effective ministry is time.

There is no substitute to spending time with God. 

Relationship develops with time.

Time is process. Nothing forms without time.

Time to study His word – 1 Tim.4:13

There is no knowledge of God outside His word.

Time to hear Him speak. Ps.85:8

Hearing God clearly is what makes people hear you.

Time to behold His face – Ps.27:4,8

In His face is His favour and glory.

To know Him intimately, meditate on His word.

If you don’t see Him as He is, you can’t show Him to others.

Time to be empowered by Him – Acts.1:14; 2:1-4

It takes His power to perform.

Time to receive answers from Him – Dan.2:16-19; Jer.33:3

It is the answers we receive from Him that provides answers to questions

people asks us.


Daily Devotional

POWER OF ATTITUDE | Today: 2017-07-23

Man’s attitude defines His ratings.

It determines His placement, your attitude attracts or repels people from you, your attitude is your real representation.

You cannot subdue it, it will naturally reveal who you are.

Change your attitude to change your altitude.

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