When God’s people moves into prayer, God moves into the city to draw people into the temple. Act.1:14; 2:1-6

Move into prayer and God will move into action.

Prayer moves the hand of God to remove barriers and release answers to us beyond our imagination and comprehension.

God cannot hold back when the church proceeds to pray.

He cannot ceases to work if we do not cease to pray. 1 Sam.7:8-10;

1 Thes.5:17; Lk.18:1

Pray more if you want God to work more

Ask more if you want God to give more. Matt.7:7; Ps.2:8

Daily Devotional

POWER OF ATTITUDE | Today: 2017-07-23

Man’s attitude defines His ratings.

It determines His placement, your attitude attracts or repels people from you, your attitude is your real representation.

You cannot subdue it, it will naturally reveal who you are.

Change your attitude to change your altitude.

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