In the pursuit of vision, there is no finish line.

Vision is extendable, expandable and inexhaustible.

It is as far as your eyes can see. Gen.13:14,15

If you can see farther you will go farther.

Your sight defines your site.

Vision is reviewable.

Vision is renewed when it is reviewed.

When vision stops growing it starts waning

If you are not stretching vision you will be shrinking it.

It is what you can see that God will seal and speed up.

All you can have it subject to all your can see.

Don’t take a rest.

It is not yet your rest because it is not your best. Mic.2:10

Daily Devotional

POWER OF ATTITUDE | Today: 2017-07-23

Man’s attitude defines His ratings.

It determines His placement, your attitude attracts or repels people from you, your attitude is your real representation.

You cannot subdue it, it will naturally reveal who you are.

Change your attitude to change your altitude.

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