The difference between leaders and workers is the use of the head.

While the worker is busy using his hands (physical energy) the leader engages in the use of his head (mental energy).

It is the head that generates the work for the hands to carry out.

Where there are no ‘heads’ idle hands will multiply.

Hands don’t employ; it is heads that does.

A core practice of leaders is planning. Leaders wake up early to plan, schedule and program what workers will do when they resume.

While workers are loaded with energy to discharge their duties, leaders are needed to give direction to such energy for maximum productivity.

Leaders harnesses and co-ordinates the energy of workers.

Actually leaders can emerge from among workers the moment there is one found among them who begins to put His head to work like Joseph did in the prison.

You too can emerge as one!

Daily Devotional

| Today: 2020-11-24

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