1. The prophetic theme for the month of September is, SUPERNATURAL BREAKTHROUGH IS MY BIRTHRIGHT – Matt. 5:13,14
  2. GOODNEWS! In pursuit of the prophetic agenda of Operation Must Pray, Go, Bring and Nurture, the District soul winning outreach of yesterday recorded massive salvation of souls. Every Winner is admonished to continue to follow-up their new converts and invitees until they are fully established in the faith and in Goshen.
  3. ONE WEEK TO GO TO FULFILLING THE PROPHETIC MANDATE! Operation Must Pray, Go, Bring And Nurture must become a reality come next Sunday. As you go this week God will give you more souls to bring next Sunday and you shall not miss your reward in Jesus name. To further enhance your engagement, please participate in the following programmes:
    1. Daily gospel raids immediately after Covenant Hour Prayer and 5:00pm at the prayer centres.
    2. Special outreach co-ordinated from Goshen at 9:00am from Monday to Friday
    3. Daily evening prayer @ 5:00pm in Goshen and other prayer centres from Mon - Fri.

Meanwhile, the last District outreach for Operation Must Pray, Go, Bring and Nurture prophetic agenda holds next Saturday. All members are admonished to participate in their various districts. Time: 7.00a.m.

  1. BELIEVERS’ FOUNDATION & MEMBERSHIP CLASSES. Another Believers’ Foundation & Membership Class holds tomorrow Monday. All new converts and first time worshippers are admonished to be in attendance at the locations listed in the announcement bulletin. Time: 5.00pm.
  2. COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER. All members are enjoined to come and experience daily victory at the morning prayers which holds from, Monday to Saturday at Goshen and other prayer centres listed in the announcement bulletin.  Time: 5:30a.m daily.
  3. MIDWEEK COMMUNION SERVICE. Next Wednesday, we shall all wait on the Lord in a fast and gather in the evening to receive our balance of blessings via the Communion table. Ensure you come along with your new convert and other invitees. Time: 6.00pm.
  4. WINNERS’ SATELLITE FELLOWSHIP. Another time of fellowship holds at the cell nearest to your home next Saturday. Ensure you come with your invitees and ensure your new converts also attend at their various locations. Time: 5.00pm.
  5.  PROPHETIC ENTRANCE/ COVENANT DAY OF MARITAL BREAKTHROUGH SERVICE. Next Sunday, we shall be gathered to receive prophetic blessings that will connect every eligible single to their miracle spouse, terminate marital delays, and restore peace into every troubled marriage. Come prepared with your prayer requests. Being the grand finale of our Operation Must Pray, Go, Bring and Nurture prophetic agenda, every Winner is admonished to come along with all their new converts and other invitees since inception of this Operation. Time: 1st Service. 6:30a.m; 2nd. 8:30a.m& 3rd. 10:30a.m.
  6. PRESENTATION OF INTENDING COUPLES FOR OCTOBER. Let the following intending couples come forward for presentation as they hear their names.
  7. BOOKS & OTHER TEACHING MATERIALS. Visit the Dominion Bookstore located at the entrance of the Church Auditorium to obtain recommended books and other materials that will give you an encounter with supernatural breakthroughs.
  8. CHURCH TRANSPORT SERVICES. All members who desire to make use of the Church transport services are admonished to arrive at the designated bus stations an hour to the service time. Meanwhile, all members are encouraged to use their vehicles in conveying other worshippers to the service. Furthermore, next Sunday, there shall be a special offering towards the transportation services labeled “Transport seed” and dropped along with the offering.
  9. PRESENTATION OF INTENDING COUPLES. Standing before the congregation are the intending couples for marriage in October. You are admonished to please pray for them and report any vital information concerning any of them to the Marriage Counseling office. Meanwhile, two couples will be wedded next Saturday. Please attend to rejoice with them. Time: 10:00am

Daily Devotional

HOW TO ACCESS YOUR PART | Today: 2017-10-17

Pant for God to access your part in God.

You cannot become a part of God until you pant for Him.

David’s panting heart for God was what upgraded his status from just been a king to a priest and a prophet.

You can use your panting for God to enhance your part from God

Matt 5:6

Phil 3:10

It is those who long for God that will go long in accessing His treasures.

Your yearning for God is what determines your earnings from God.

It is as men desires more of God that deserves more from God

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