Prophetic Theme: My Case is Different!!!

  1. The prophetic theme for the month of August is, “I WILL BRING YOU HEALTH AND CURE”.
  2. OPERATION PRAYER FOR LIFE. Every member is admonished to attend the daily evening revival prayer this week from Monday to Friday. Time: 6:00pm. This is apart from individual’s minimum one hour prayer for our new converts and other kingdom advancement prayers. Your reward is sure to come in Jesus name. Is. 66:7-8
  3. COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER. The morning hour of prayer is a platform through which we encounter daily glory for daily triumph. Every member is admonished to be in attendance from Monday to Saturday in Goshen and other prayer centres in Asokoro, Uke (Secretariat), Uke (Bus-stop), Maraba (Kabayi), Kuchikau, Masaka (Ivory tower), Masaka (Mercyland School), New Karu, Ado (Poyi Hall) & New Nyanya (primary school). Ensure you are in attendance. Details of locations are as listed in item 5.  Time: 5:30a.m daily.
  4. OPERATION ANDREW DISTRICT OUTREACH. At the command of Jesus, we shall be launching out into the harvest field every day of this week to rescue the lost out of the fire. This shall hold in Goshen and other prayer centres immediately after the Covenant Hour of Prayer. Meanwhile, next Saturday shall be our Operation Andrew Soul Winning Outreach which shall be co-ordinated at the various districts. Every member is admonished to participate. Time. 7:00am
  5. BELIEVERS’ FOUNDATION & MEMBERSHIP CLASSES. All new converts and first time worshippers are admonished to attend the Believers Foundation and Membership Classes in order to strengthen their foundation in the faith. The locations are as listed below: Time: 5.00pm.
  6. MIDWEEK COMMUNION SERVICE. Next Wednesday, we shall all wait on the Lord in a fast and gather in the evening to partake of the Communion to terminate every long standing afflicting in our lives. Come along with your new converts and invitees. Time: 6.00pm
  7. WINNERS’ SATELLITE FELLOWSHIP. Another WSF holds next Saturday. Every winner is encouraged to be in attendance to share fellowship with the other brethren at the centre nearest to his/her house. Don’t forget to take someone along with you as well as direct your new converts to fellowship centres closest to them. Time: 5.00pm.
  8. SPECIAL ANOINTING/ ENOUGH IS ENOUGH SERVICE. Next Sunday shall be an Anointing Service in which we shall be gathered to end all torments of the enemy in every area of our lives. Come along with your bottle of anointing oil. Being an Operation Andrew Sunday, we are all mandated to come with at least one new invitee in addition to all our new converts. Time. 1st Service. 6:30am; 2nd Service. 8:30am& 3rd Service. 10:30am.
  9. WATER BAPTISM. All who are yet to be baptized by immersion are to gather at the baptistery immediately after each service. Change of clothing will be provided incase you didn’t come with any.
  10. WORD OF FAITH BIBLE INSTITUTE (WOFBI). The August edition of WOFBI kicks off tomorrow and shall run through to Friday 25th. Goshen Learning Centre will hold the Basic Certificate Course (BCC), Leadership Certificate Courses (LCC) and Leadership Diploma Course (LDC) classes while Asokoro, Masaka and New Karu Learning Centres will be handling BCC only. Please obtain your enrolment forms at the WOFBI Office located within the Youth Chapel complex. All new members are to attend tuition free.
  11. BOOKS & OTHER TEACHING MATERIALS. Knowledge is light. Every member is therefore encouraged to purchase recommended books of the month and other relevant texts as well as CDs, MP3s and other teachings that will shatter every darkness of sickness in this month and beyond. These include: * Keys to Divine Health * The Healing Balm * The Miracle Meal * Fulfilling Your Days by Bishop David Oyedepo & * Rescued from Destruction * Healing, Health and Wholeness * The Power of the Communion  * The Healing Ministry of Jesus by Pst (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo.
  12. KINGDOM HERITAGE MODEL SCHOOL. The 2017/2018 admission session for the KHMS into Creche, Nursery and Primary sections is on. Please see the notice boards for details.
  13. PASTORAL COUNSELLING & HELP LINE. You are admonished to meet with our Pastors after the service at the Kingdom Heritage Model School premises for your counseling needs concerning any matter. Our anointed pastors can also be reached at any time during the week on any of the following lines: 07069578065, 07069578065.
  14. CHURCH TRANSPORTATION. All who desire to take advantage of the free transportation services organized by the church are required to arrive at designated bus-stops 30mins before the service time. Meanwhile, all vehicle owners are encouraged to utilize their vehicles for transportation of worshippers in and out of Goshen. You shall not miss your reward in Jesus name.



Jesus is Lord!!!













Daily Devotional


The reason many fail isn’t always because of evil intention but because of poor approach.

There must be a balance. Good intention demand good approach to obtain good result.

Approach is about How, process and procedure for getting things done.

To obtain better results you must improve on your approach.

It is approach that improves the grade of result.

Intention is the aim, picture of what you want done but approach is about how to arrive at the desired result with least noise, preserved energy, short time and excellence.

From the moment you catch a picture of what to do busy yourself thinking of the approach to it.

If you want your result to change then improve in your approach.

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