The prophetic focus for the month of April is; IN THE DAYS OF FAMINE, I SHALL BE SATISFIED – Ps. 37:18-19

  1. 40 DAYS POST RESURRECTION ORDINANCE. Praise the Lord! Last Sunday, the Holy Ghost spoke prophetically that every Winner should anoint themselves before going to bed every night between now and the 25th of May, 2017.  No mark of the devil shall remain on anyone’s life or affair by the end of this 40-day post resurrection appearance of the resurrected Christ.
  2. OPERATION PUSH IS A REALITY. In this remaining one week of Operation PUSH, every member is encouraged to further intensify participation in the daily evening prayers from Monday to Friday at Goshen and other prayer centres. Time: 5:00pm daily. You are also reminded of your daily minimum one hour commitment to praying for new converts and other kingdom advancement prayers.
  3. COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER. Secure your day by attending the Covenant Hour of Prayer from Monday to Saturday this week at the Youth Chapel in Goshen and at other prayer centres in Asokoro, Uke (Secretariat), Uke (Bus-stop), Maraba (Kabayi), Kuchikau, Masaka (Ivory tower), Masaka (Mercyland School), New Karu, Ado (Poyi Hall)  & New Nyanya (primary school). Time: 5:30a.m
  4. BELIEVERS’ FOUNDATION & MEMBERSHIP CLASSES. The Believers’ Foundation & Membership Classes  which is the platform for strengthening the spiritual foundation of new converts and first time worshippers holds tomorrow, Monday. All in this category are encouraged to attend at any of the locations listed below. Time: 5.00pm
  5. MIDWEEK COMMUNION SERVICE. Next Wednesday, we shall be gathered before the Lord in a fast for prayer and intercession to destroy the yokes of marital delay in our lives and families and partake of the Communion to establish our marital destinies. Remember to come along with your new converts and other invitees. Time: 6:00pm
  6. WINNERS’ SATELLITE FELLOWSHIP. Fellowshipping with other brethren in the Church is a commandment of the Lord. Therefore ensure that you share fellowship with the brethren at cell centre closest to your home. Attend with your new converts and other invitees. Time: 5.00pm.
  7. END OF THE MONTH THANKSGIVING/ MARITAL BREAKTHROUGH BANQUET. Next Sunday, we shall be gathered to return all the glory to God for His mighty acts in the month of April. It shall also be our Marital Breakthrough Banquet in which God will be terminating every marital delay in the lives of every eligible single and restore peace to every challenged home. Also, come along with your new converts and at least one invitee. Time: 1st Service. 6:30a.m; 2nd. 8:30a.m& 3rd. 10:30a.m.
  8. APRIL EDITION OF WORD OF FAITH BIBLE INSTITUTE. The WOFBI students for the month of April will be having their graduation ceremony next Sunday during the third service. All members are enjoined to celebrate with them.
  9. BOOKS & OTHER TEACHING MATERIALS. Books of the month and other materials that will empower you to walk in prosperity are available at the Dominion Bookstores located at the entrances of the Church auditorium and the shopping complex. Visit to make purchases.
  10. MIRACLE MARRIAGES.  3 couples shall be joined in holy matrimony next Saturday in Goshen. You are enjoined to come and celebrate with them and pray with them towards a blissful marriage. Time. 10:00am
  11. COUNSELLING/ PASTORAL CARELINE. Everyone in need of counseling is admonished to meet with the pastors after the service at the Kingdom Heritage Model School premises. Also, you can reach the pastors on these special dedicated telephone lines for urgent attention at any time during the week: 08127289434, 07069578065, 08152103476
  12. CHURCH TRANSPORTATION. All who desire to take advantage of the free transportation services organized by the church are required to arrive at designated bus-stops an hour before the service time. Meanwhile, all vehicle owners are encouraged to use their vehicles in the service of the Lord by putting them on the road for the conveyance of worshippers into the services. As you engage your resources in serving the kingdom, your fountain of blessing will never run dry. 

Daily Devotional


That which I see not teach Thou me…

Job 34:32

The purpose of knowledge is improvement and perfection.

It is those who think they know enough that pride themselves.

Those who actually know usually seek to know more.

There is what you know and there is what you ought to know. 1 Corinthians 8:1, 2

What you ought to know that you are yet to know is what makes you incomplete.

Jesus said to the rich man, “If you’ll be perfect, one more thing remains.”

Job acknowledged, “That which I know not, teach Thou me.”

Paul cried out, “That I may know Him!” Philippians 3:10.

One would wonder, “What more does Paul want to know, having known so much?” Yet he cried to know more.

God responds only to panting, hungry hearts.

Are you panting after God?

What you know is already stale, if you don’t seek to know more, what you know now will lead to your stalement.

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