Failure is real just as success is real.

But what is most important in dealing with failure is our attitude

towards it.

You must come to a point of understanding that failure is not equal

to defeat.

Your failure doesn’t offend God but your acceptance of defeat

disappoints Him.

Every man fails but not all accept defeat.

If you ever fail or fall, what else should you do but to rise!

Defeat is failure + guilt.

Don’t allow your failure to graduate to defeat.

Arise and try to fight again.

The worst failure of life is failure to try.

Those who try again will triumph again.

Your victory is certain!

Daily Devotional

MIND WHO YOU FOLLOW | Today: 2017-09-22

Who you follow determines what follows you.

The company you keep determines the accomplishment you make.

How far you follow determines how far you will go and how well you see.

How well in touch you are determines quality of what you touch.

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