Praise is cure to brain drain.

Praise fertilizes and fattens the brain.

You cannot be in praise and be mentally drained.

Praise injects inspiration to the brain.

Praise enfires the brain with innovation and divine ideas.

Praise brings God to sit on your brain.

By reason of his praise lifestyle, David was described as having wisdom of angels. 2 Samuel 14:20

By reason of thanksgiving Jesus was inspired to know what to do. John 6:6

Paul’s wisdom was strangely described as uncommon because of His praise lifestyle. 11 Peter 3:15.

Solomon’s wisdom is not unconnected to His songs. 1 Kings 4:29-32

Certainly, Daniel’s life style of praise was the root of depth of wisdom. Dan.2:19,20; 6:10

High praise will produce deep sense and high performance.

Daily Devotional

FAITH AND LOVE | Today: 2018-02-24

Love is strong companion to faith.

Gal 5:6

Loving God takes you to the realm of undaunted faith in God.

Love upgrades faith into trust.

Faith is born from the Word of God but trust is born in the God of the Word.

Faith in God may fail but love for God never fails. 1 Cor.13:8

Things may separate you from faith in the Word, but nothing can separate you from your love for God. Rom.8:35-39

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