Understanding of the size of God is the cheapest way to deal with the devil.

When you comprehend who God is, you will appreciate His ability and in the process satan becomes depreciated in your eyes.

That was David’s approach in dealing with Goliath. 1 Sam.17:32-50

While others were busy describing the size of goliath David was busy focusing on the almightiness of God. Deut.20:1-4

In the process Goliath had turned to a dwarf in the sight of David.

When the size of men appear to threaten you, turn your back to them and face God.

And as you behold Him the opposition will diminish and disappear into the thin air.

Those who see God don’t fear men.

Those who know God don’t seek men. Dan.11:32; Ps.27:1-5

When you discover the strength of God you no longer mind the threat of satan.

Rather than struggling with satan strife to know God more.

Joshua and Caleb used this approach to enter the promised land. Num.13:30 (20)


Daily Devotional

ALLOW COMPETITION! | Today: 2017-01-23

…I run that I man win…

1 Corinthians 9:26

Healthy competition is good.

It allows room for variety of events.

Healthy competition makes room for diversities.

It is also the breeding environment for improvement and excellence.

After all, competition is not devilish if it is engaged healthily.

Without it the system remains dull and creativity becomes nonexistent.  Without it life will loose its excitement.

Creativity allows room for options instead of regimentation of approach to issues.

The moment you’re aware that options and alternatives exist over what you’re doing, you are been compelled to put in your best and to become your best.

Above all, life is a race.  Paul said, I run that I may win. (1 Corinthians. 9:26.) 

And it is clear that you can’t run to win except you carry a competitive mentality. 

In essence, all human beings are born to compete. 

What makes it healthy is the fact that you are not grieved or offended at your neighbour’s advancement.  Rather you focus on how to improve yourself in your God-ordained endeavours. 

So, if you must win then you must compete! 

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