Blessings comes from God but goodwill of men is required to succeed in our endeavours.

Moses was called by God but He was wise to secure His father-in-law’s goodwill to succeed. Ex.4:17,18; 18:13-27; Num.10:29-32.

David was anointed by God to destroy Goliath but he secured Saul’s goodwill before launching forth. 1 Sam.17:31-37

Gideon was empowered by God to strike the Amalalites but would not go without the goodwill of His father. Judg.6:14-16, 25-32.

As strong as Samson was He sought the support of his tribe’s men to confront the Philistines. Judg.15:9-14

Even Jesus insisted on John the Baptist’s baptism ritual so scriptures might be fulfilled. Matt.3:13-17; Act.13:1-9; Gal.2:9

And Paul the great secured the other apostles’ goodwill to step forth into ministry. Act.13:1-5

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| Today: 2018-04-22

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