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Posted: 2012-04-16 08:00:48 | Under: Ministers
The Spirit of God is the fountain for all wonders

Posted: 2012-04-16 07:58:41 | Under: Leadership
Level of commitment of followership is largely determined by degree of motivation of leadership

Posted: 2012-04-10 08:14:40 | Under: Stewardship
Happiness at work attracts people to you.

Posted: 2012-04-10 08:13:59 | Under: Motivationals
Confidence is the back bone of conquest.

Posted: 2012-04-10 08:12:08 | Under: Personal Development
The only way to remain in an ever growing system is to maintain an ever growing attitude.

Posted: 2012-04-10 08:09:44 | Under: Spiritual Development
Never expect much from people and you’ll never be disappointed or offended in them, if they don’t do as much.

Posted: 2012-04-10 08:04:53 | Under: Leadership
Real Leaders are in the real sense solution providers.

Posted: 2012-04-03 10:55:49 | Under: Motivationals
Action based decisions is the ignition to motion.

Posted: 2012-04-03 10:54:54 | Under: Stewardship
Rather than struggling to impress people, strive to do what is right.

Posted: 2012-04-03 10:52:35 | Under: CHRISTIAN CHARACTER
To live sincere is a major ingredient of integrity.

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Daily Devotional


Truth has no match neither does it suffer nor is subject to any form of limits/ barrier.

Truth is before time and ahead of time.

The past could not alter it neither can the future adjust, or change it.

It is just absolutely independent.

It doesn’t rely on support from any, neither is it bothered about who is not subscribing to it.

You either take it or leave it.

Truth cannot be intimidated neither does it need anyone to excite it.

We can do nothing against the truth but for the truth.

Truth is constant.

Truth is immovable.

Truth is not subject to any circumstance be it time, age, pressure, places, generation or any such.

It is neither archaic nor modern.

It never once sought to be civilized because it was never outdated.

It does not seek freedom because it was never colonized or ever in bondage.

It was never bound, that is why it has power to set any man free that is in any form of bondage.

Truth needs nobody to exist but everybody needs it to last even beyond his lifespan.

I therefore stand by the truth.

I subscribe to the truth.

I’ll project the truth.

I’ll defend the truth.

It is in the truth that I’m secured.

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