Discipline is key to distinction.

Discipline means following the straight and narrow path.

Distinction accommodate only few who have subjected themselves to paying the price for it.

Distinction is not cheap to come by.

Discipline means refusing to take it easy.

Those who take it easy will be eased out of the race.

Taking it easy is path to destruction. Matt.7:13,14; Mic.2:10

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A child is born as “Liability” to the family but as he grows into adulthood He is expected to accept responsibility for the well-being of the family.

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It is purpose that gives meaning to talents.

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Wisdom is the covenant platform for success.

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Reaction to the present status is what create the future.

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Where there is no clear definition, there will be deviations in all probability.

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No one can do what you are doing, neither can you do what any other person is doing.

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It is discovery of one’s potential that helps him to maximize his destiny in life.

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A fundamental requirement for gains and success in life is work..

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A fundamental requirement for gains and success in life is work. Prov.14:23

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It takes maturity of heart to celebrate the success of others.

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Daily Devotional

HOW TO FULFILL YOUR DREAM! | Today: 2018-01-24

It is action that connects dreams to fulfillment and transforms vision to possession.

God has spoken into your future, He has designed and predicted it but He will not reverse     your  future to come and meet you. You have to take steps towards your future.  

WISDOM: “Wisdom is profitable to direct” (Ecclesiastes 10:10).

Be calculative in the steps you take. Be a planner; make short term and long term plans.

Work with the facts available to you.

The prodigal son made his way back home with the following facts:

(1) In my father’s house, even servants have more than enough food to eat.

(2) My father would forgive me if I return home.

(3) If he will not accept me back as a son, he will at least take me as a hired servant.

With these in mind he made his way back home and was restored to dignity (Luke 15:17-19). Facts will strengthen you to take. The appropriate steps you need to take.

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