Zeal is the element of seriousness in life, when life is void of business approach it will be reduced to the base.

Life is business, live it serious to end it glorious. A business approach is what takes it to a glorious end.

Jesus refer to life as business. Lk 2:49.

Paul warns, “not slothful in business but fervent in spirit, serving the Lord?.

Those who are slothful will miss their slot. Those who are slow will end as low. To live sluggish is to end as rubbish.

Zeal is all about fervency, enthusiasm, drive, eagerness, optimizes, willingness.

Zeal changed the position of Nehemiah from been a cup bearer to a national leader. It created opportunity for David to meet with Goliath, zeal is synonymous to speed.

Progress and advancement answers to it; Wherever it goes to commands attention.

Daily Devotional

LIFE IS VERY SHORT | Today: 2018-03-18

One of the greatest deception of life is speculation of time especially among youth.

Life is very short; no matter how long it may appear to be.

So, work as if there is never going to be a tomorrow even though you don’t hope to die before tomorrow.

Run today as if there will be no race to run tomorrow.

Never tell yourself or allow anyone to tell you that there is much time available to you.

Don’t be a man or woman of later, be a now person.

Whatever you do, do quickly.

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