Your heart is your life

Your heart determines the quality of your life. Prov.4:23

It measures your part to you. Act.8:21

It attracts your signs to you. 1 Sam.10:9,10

It determines your rating. II Chr.16:9

It preceeds your election. 1 Sam.16:7

To keep your heart means to maintain and protect your heart.

And to maintain your heart you must always keep it:

  • Pure. II Tim.2:20-22
  • Praying. Act.2:1-4; 4:23-33
  • Panting. Ps.63:1,2
  • Humble. Is.66:1,2
  • Serving. Ps.89:20






Daily Devotional

HOW TO ENJOY INCREASE | Today: 2017-12-17

Don’t think of what people will give to you, it reduces you.

Rather think of what to give to others; that mentality will increase you.

Receiver’s mentality puts you under but giver’s mentality creates in you superiority mentality.

Needs are met not by receiving but by giving.

Anyday, anytime, giving preceeds receiving. Lk 6:38

Wherever giving goes receiving follows.

Until you start thinking of the next person to bless that is a deep expression of your stewardship.

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