Without pain there can never be access to gain.

Those who dodge pain will miss gain.

While many see pain as intimidating obstacle only very few see it as platform for gaining access to next level.

Whenever you feel a pain, see the gain.

Never be crushed by pain whenever it comes; rather, count the gain.

Refuse to be blinded by pains but behold the gains that comes thereafter.

It may take a toll on you but will make you tall in the end.

It will never become your turn to gain new height for as long as you keep turning away from pain.

No one ever gets tall without a toll on him.

You never get tall without paying a toll.

The pain you are willing to bear will determine the crown you will be allowed to wear.

Access to rose flower is through the thorns that surrounds it.

Never mind the “thorns” as you seek access to the rose.

Daily Devotional

LIFE IS VERY SHORT | Today: 2018-03-18

One of the greatest deception of life is speculation of time especially among youth.

Life is very short; no matter how long it may appear to be.

So, work as if there is never going to be a tomorrow even though you don’t hope to die before tomorrow.

Run today as if there will be no race to run tomorrow.

Never tell yourself or allow anyone to tell you that there is much time available to you.

Don’t be a man or woman of later, be a now person.

Whatever you do, do quickly.

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