Escaping the traps of marital crisis (Part 1)

Some weeks ago I wrote on "I WANT A RICH, FABULOUS AND PERFECT SPOUSE MENTALITY" , this month of March I will talk more on "Escaping the traps of marital crisis".

We are not ignorant of the devices of the devil. II Cor 2:11
The devil uses devices to make us ignorant. Note that the devil is the accuser of the brethren and until you challenge the devil’s authority by the word he might not leave your marriage. Some of the devices used by the devil to cause challenges in the homes include

1. Lust of the Eyes
This is an insatiable desire for worldly gain which include money, materials things etc. The language of a covetousness man is “l must get it by all means”. The lust/desire of the flesh can never be satisfied. Take heed and beware of covetousness. Lk 12:15 - He that hate covetousness will prolong his days. This means that those who envy and try to covet things are simply shortening their days. Consider the following examples from scriptures– Achan (Jos 7:21; 2Tim 3:1-9; Gehazi (2 Kings 5:20); Judas (Matt 26:14-15); Pro 28:16. The game of fools is comparism.
Riches are part of your redemptive package as a child of God but you will never experience it if you continuously covet what others have. The Church will experience transfer of wealth in this end time and we need a heart of God to be partakers of the wealth as well as not to be overtaken by the lust of the eyes.
Be contented with what you have and you will live a prolonged life and secure the blessings of God on your life - I Tim. 6:3-6

2. Lust of the Flesh
Immorality is not a solution provider but a problem creator. It is a major trap the enemy is using in the end time to ensure many don’t have fruitfulness in their family life. Immoral acts include pornography, sexual infidelity etc. Samson was a picture of Israel’s strength but due to his inability to fight against the lust of the flesh, he was reduced to a mere grain grinder in the house of his enemies. He was conquered by a woman who did not even need weapons to do so. Judges 16
Immorality will paralyse sound mentality. NB: The gland in the brain that is responsible for the intellect of man is also responsible for sexual desires – if you over task it to satisfy sexual appetite, it in turn affects intelligence.) Gal 5:19-21; 1Jh 2:15-17; Judges 16:4.
The language of “the devil” is – I have a strong urge, I cannot resist/control myself. Remember God has given you the authority to resist the devil and he will flee. so all you have to do is command him to flee and you will have a blissful family life.

The Cure to the Lust of the flesh is to WALK IN THE SPIRIT – Gal.5:16-17

(Part 2 continues next week)

Daily Devotional

FAITH AND LOVE | Today: 2018-02-24

Love is strong companion to faith.

Gal 5:6

Loving God takes you to the realm of undaunted faith in God.

Love upgrades faith into trust.

Faith is born from the Word of God but trust is born in the God of the Word.

Faith in God may fail but love for God never fails. 1 Cor.13:8

Things may separate you from faith in the Word, but nothing can separate you from your love for God. Rom.8:35-39

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