Give your youth to God and He will produce in you and enviable adult.

Fill your heart with God and he will fill your life with good.

It is whom God has made that remains made.

Man can be unmade but God made man is forever made.

But you have to be God seeker to become God made. II Chr.26:5; Matt.4:19

All great men in this kingdom are God seekers.

If you are a God seeker you will have nothing more to seek.

The ultimate need of man is God. So finding God is the end to all search in life.

After God, there is nothing more to seek.

Seeking after God brings one into realms of addition. Matt.6:33

God seekers always end as God engraced.

Seeking after God entitled you to God’s help. II Chr.26:5,7

Seeking after God brings you into oneness, union and friendship with God.

Seeking after imparts you with godliness/godlikeness.

Seeking after God enables you to like God.

Seeking after God is the ultimate satisfaction in life. Ps.27:4,5; 34:10

Daily Devotional

| Today: 2018-04-22

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