There is nothing to boast about in life. Jh 3:31, 1 Cor 4:7, 2 Cor 12:10, Phil 2:13

Beware of boasting.

David said, “Except in the lord build the house they labour in vain that build it. Except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain”- Ps.127:1

Boasting in the flesh engenders carnality, strife, competition and offences.

The more you boast the more grieved you could become especially by those who don’t have value for you.

The cure to boasting is visions and revelation.

After Paul had listed his catalogue of “Achievement” in a boast he suddenly realized that there wasn’t a need for it and therefore switched into the realm of visions and revelations. 2 Cor 11:16-18, 2 Cor 12:1

Boasting in the flesh is dangerous and can lead to catastrophy and even severance from grace because grace is considered unnecessary and needles to boasters.

Those who dwell on visions and revelations no longer see self and there find no reason to boast.

Vision and revelation makes you dwell in the realm of grace.

Boast is done often to cover and protect the weakness that dwells in self.

But vision & revelation moves you to rather draw strength in the face of human weakness.

Live boasters to keep boasting and refuse to be entangled by them. rather keep gliding on vision and revelation as you draw from the inexhaustible account of grace.

Revelation takes you above and beyond the realms of comparism. You just simply become a wonder to your peers. 

Daily Devotional

YOUR HAND, YOUR DESTINY! | Today: 2017-11-17

What becomes of you in life is determined by your hand – whether poor or rich, failure or success, healthy or sickly.


Poverty or Riches – Make your choice!

Neither poverty nor riches is a state. Poverty is a choice to make. So also is riches. It comes via a process not by imposition. No poor man today was born poor.

“He becometh poor…” Proverbs.10:4. How?


By dealing “with slack hands.”


Being rich is not a gift. Riches are made through diligence. Just as a slack hand can never be rich, the diligent will never be poor.


“hand of the diligent maketh rich.” Proverbs.10:4.


No one was born rich. People are simply made rich.

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