Weekly Bulletin 8th -14th DecJanuaryr 2017

Prophetic Theme for 2017: My Case is Different!!!



The Prophetic Focus for the month of January is: Prayer and Fasting Empowers – Is. 58:6-14

  1. 21 DAYS PRAYER AND FASTING CONTINUES. Tomorrow is the fourth day of our 21 days prayer and fasting adventure. We are all admonished to attend the evening service to intercede and break their fast with the Communion. Time. 6:00pm. Also ensure that you observe your personal prayer and study time. Obtain your own copy of the expectation card and prayer guidelines so as to enhance focus and precision during personal prayer sessions.
  2. ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING. Our First One Night with the King holds this Friday. Part of the service shall be transmitted live from Canaanland for prophetic blessings through God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo. Ensure you are in attendance Time: 11.00pm.
  3. COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER. holds tomorrow and on Friday at the various prayer centres. Every member is admonished to be in attendance to enjoy their daily encounter with God during this 21 days of prayer and fasting. Time: 5:30am daily
  4. WINNERS’ SATELLITE FELLOWSHIP. This Saturday, every Winner is expected to gather at the nearest home-cell centre in a fast to fellowship and intercede with the other brethren. Ensure your converts and other invitees also attend. Time: 5.00pm.
  5. SPECIAL ANOINTING SERVICE. Next Sunday, we shall be gathered before the Lord to further secure our 2017 exemption package in an anointing service. Come along with your bottle of oil as well as your new converts and other invitees. Also, being an Operation Andrew Sunday, everyone is admonished to come along with at least one invitee. Time: 1st service – 6.30am; 2nd – 8.30am & 3rd - 10.30am.
  6. BOOKS & OTHER MATERIALS. that will strengthen your faith during this fasting period are available at the Dominion Bookstore. Visit and make purchases.
  7. CHURCH TRANSPORT SERVICES. shall be made available for the movement of members after the daily evening service in this season of prayer and fasting.
  8. miracle babies. We give glory to God for the birth of babies into the following families:
  1. Mr. & Mrs.  Adenuga Adeniyi (boy)
  2. Mr. & Mrs.   Ibikunle Adoface (girl)
  3. Mr. & Mrs.   Linus Agama (girl)
  4. Mr. & Mrs.   Gabriel Audu (girl)
  5. Mr. & Mrs.   Abah Sunday (boy)
  6. Dcn. & Mrs.  Victor James (girl)
  7. Mr. & Mrs.   Ikechukwu Okafor (Twins - boy & girl)


and let the redeemed of the lord say so!

Jesus is Lord!!!


Daily Devotional

ALLOW COMPETITION! | Today: 2017-01-23

…I run that I man win…

1 Corinthians 9:26

Healthy competition is good.

It allows room for variety of events.

Healthy competition makes room for diversities.

It is also the breeding environment for improvement and excellence.

After all, competition is not devilish if it is engaged healthily.

Without it the system remains dull and creativity becomes nonexistent.  Without it life will loose its excitement.

Creativity allows room for options instead of regimentation of approach to issues.

The moment you’re aware that options and alternatives exist over what you’re doing, you are been compelled to put in your best and to become your best.

Above all, life is a race.  Paul said, I run that I may win. (1 Corinthians. 9:26.) 

And it is clear that you can’t run to win except you carry a competitive mentality. 

In essence, all human beings are born to compete. 

What makes it healthy is the fact that you are not grieved or offended at your neighbour’s advancement.  Rather you focus on how to improve yourself in your God-ordained endeavours. 

So, if you must win then you must compete! 

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